Press Release

titleLOOK® Announces AI-Assisted Knowledge Curation for the Title Industry

BANGOR, Maine titleLOOK® by Mainspring Services® announces the release of AI enhancements for the curation of its ground-breaking knowledge model for the title industry. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Azure AI services, this innovative upgrade significantly reduces document-to-data classification time and also results in a more comprehensive taxonomy of the underwriting language and the curative actions essential for effectively cleaning title.

“The titleLOOK platform was developed from the understanding that title agents are not just document gatherers, but knowledge providers who assemble relevant data, take action against defects, and communicate the clearance effort to all parties involved in the transaction,” said Matt Johnson, Director of Product for titleLOOK. “The deployment of AI assistance empowers our subject matter experts to more quickly and accurately curate the knowledge embedded in the exceptions, requirements, and notes language of title commitments and policies.”

This upgrade is another step in titleLOOK’s ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and accuracy in the title industry. By utilizing AI, titleLOOK enhances the ability of title agents to process complex documents and deliver actionable information and insight. This not only speeds up the transaction process but also ensures higher quality and reliability in the data provided.

While the titleLOOK® knowledge model is currently exclusive to the platform, Mainspring Services is planning to extend access to other industry vendors. This includes title plants, search & exam programs, and starter exchanges, enabling them to integrate advanced classification into their products. This collaborative approach aims to set new standards in the industry, promoting innovation and excellence across the board.